Saturday, November 7, 2009

Olympic Ideas

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Melinda Bossenmeyer
Peaceful Playgrounds

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Electronic Circuits That Melt Into Your Body

It makes me nervous too. I'm not so keen on the idea of circuits enveloped in a silk substrate, which melts into your body leaving just nanometers-thick layers of electronics. But it's for the best, trust me on this one.

Until now, body-embedded circuitry was very limited. The electronics were hard, or had to be separated from the body. With this new technology, flexible circuits can be directly implanted anywhere in the body, protected by a cocoon of silk, which is human friendly. The silk melts away over time, leaving a small substrate of silicon circuitry inside that can't be noticed.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Microsoft researchers build muscle-computer interface

Legendary DIYer Johnny Chung Lee may have only been with Microsoft for a few months, but it looks like he's already making his presence felt, even when he's not working on projects himself. His latest effort involves getting videos from the User Interface Software and Technology (or UIST) conference online, including this look at a new muscle-computer interface developed by Phd student Scott Samponas and some other folks working with Microsoft Research. While it obviously has a number or potentially exciting and practical uses (like controlling devices when you're hands are full, or when you're running), Samponas et al apparently just couldn't help themselves from demonstrating one of its most obvious applications: an true implementation of air Guitar Hero.

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