Monday, February 3, 2014

Using Technology newsletter

February 2014 Using Technology in Physical Education newsletter posted at

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Standards-Based Physical Education Curriculum

I am getting a lot of questions so let me answer them here:

The curriculum consists of:

Daily lesson plans with the number of the national outcome noted next to the task. The lessons are built so that students can attain the grade level outcomes by the end of each year.

Posters (in the lesson package) that highlight the cognitive information.

Task Cards (separate piece by grade level) that provide directions for the motor skills.

Electronic Portfolios (separate piece by grade level - completing this piece now for new national outcomes - will be available April 1) - each outcome has its own assessment with a six-point rubric. The scores automatically fill in to the standards-based report card.

We also have instructional software (for live instruction and online) that align with each of our instructional units.

Check everything out at

National Physical Education Grade Level Outcomes

Just finished "national grade-level outcomes version of our very popular Standards-Based Physical Curriculum K-HS

Purchased orders can use the same order numbers and pricing listing. - simply add an n for National to #

Now - on to portfolios (to match national grade-level outcomes) - so ready by AAHPERD Convention!