Monday, June 2, 2014

Invasion Software Complete

Looking for a way to reach students via flipped instruction, online instruction, or in-class instruction? Invasion Software Complete $600 for a site license - no additional fees Appropriate for grades 5-12. 
This software provides information (text, graphics, 3d images, video) on invasion sport (football, basketball, soccer, speedaway, Ultimate, team handball) skills, techniques, strategies, training, and teamwork. It addresses all national and state standards related to invasion sports, including the areas of aesthetics, benefits, exercise, facilities and equipment, history, motor development, motor learning, psychology, rules, skills and biomechanics, sociology, and strategies. 
The software includes numerous interactive labs that address strategies, motor learning concepts and principles, biomechanics concepts and principles, and an analysis lab. 
This program is perfect for in-school instruction as well as online instruction. Check it out:

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